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At Caribbean Blue Pools, we strive to carry many name brand products to provide you with choices to enhance your backyard and maintain your pool.

While we don’t have room to list them all here, you can get a good idea of what we carry by referring to the list below. Please visit our store or contact us for complete information.

We meet or beat local prices






Salt Water Systems

Electronic Controls & Timers

Cleaning Supplies

Maintenance items


Pool Cleaners


We can handle any type of pool filter problem you may come across.

We stock and sell all types of filter parts.

DE Filters can filter down to 3 microns and make the water extremely clean and clear. They can also be backwashed so you do not have to manually clean the filters but once a year. DE can clear up a green pool in a couple of days with the correct amount of chemicals properly added. De Filters will give you years of service without repair as long as you follow correct procedures. Negetives: They must be delt with correctly and you will have to add DE powder every time you backwash or clean the filter.


Cartridge Filters can filter to around 20 microns and are used on pools for ease of installation, ease of use for the homeowner and they are great when it comes to water conservation. The negatives are that the filter cartridge has to be cleaned more often by hand and they will need to be replaced when they get clogged.

Caribbean Blue Pools can repair or replace any type of cleaner on the market today. Call us and we will come to your home or you can drop the cleaner off at our store to avoid a service call charge.

We sell and service all types of swimming pool pumps. It may be time to upgrade your pump to a two Speed or variable speed pump. This upgrade could save as much as 90% on your pool pumps electrical usage. Call for an assessment today.

Caribbean Blue Pools has over 25 years experience selling and servicing Swimming Pool & Spa heaters. Our ongoing training insures a professional experience when you are having trouble with your heater. 

We at Caribbean Blue Pools sell and use only the best chemicals available. There is a difference. We meet or beat local area stores prices. Why shop anywhere else because we offer free delivery within 10 miles of our Cedar Park Store (Chemical and Parts orders over $100.00)