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Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment and Tools

We sell only quality grade or commercial grade cleaning equipment. The same tools we use everyday.


Quality Vacuum Hoses from 20' - 50' Measure from the skimmer to the farthest point of your pool. Add 4' to that measurment. This will give you the length you need. Take into consideration if you have a spa or water feature that will need to be vacuumed. Call us and we can measure the pool for you.


Swimming Pool Cleaner Pumps (Booster Pump)

This is the pump that boosts the main pool pumps pressure up as to allow the automatic pool cleaner to work. This pump requires water from the main pump to work and it requires its own time clock or relay. We sell and service all brands of Booster Pumps.


Polaris 280 P Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 280 is a great time tested automatic pool cleaner. Requires a Booster Pump and a time clock for true automation.


Low Profile Swimming Pool Slide

A great alternative to the standard 7' tall slide. Safer addition to any pool. Call for pricing and placement. SAFETY FIRST!